Lailoken is an "all in one" application that operates on any 32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows platform, including Windows 8. It does not rely on any additional third party programs. It can be installed on a standalone PC, or as part of a network. Being Windows based, it provides a user friendly, intuitive interface.

Lailoken has been designed to minimise the risk of user input error, and its calculation processes have made Lailoken the most accurate equivalent meter available. Lailoken was the first equivalent meter to accommodate the change from 7 to 13 character charge codes and the only one to incorporate CMS and multi-level static dimming calculations. These factors contributed to Lailoken replacing its dated UNIX based predecessor and becoming the only equivalent meter used by Meter Administrators in the UK; something which we are extremely proud of.

Lailoken is fully compliant with BSCP 520 and can operate as a passive, dynamic and/or CMS equivalent meter.

If you are interested in becoming a Meter Administrator, please contact us for more information on Lailoken.