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Calitor is the amalgamation of two separate systems, Caliburn and Ector, which were designed for the UMSO to process half hourly and non-half hourly inventories. Both these applications have now been completely re-written into one single package.

With Calitor you can import a customer's full inventory file and produce either the half hourly summary/control files, or the non-half hourly EAC certificate and D0052.

The import routine can be set to accommodate individual "quirks" in your customer's data, where they always put one thing, and you know it to mean another. The import rules cane translate their data to yours, making life easy for all concerned.

For each customer, Calitor can store the current and the previous inventory. Comparisons between these can be made, identifying new and removed units, as well as those where the attributes have changed. For half hourly customers, Calitor can also compare the current summary against the previous one.

Calitor also contains a set of rules that you define against which the half hourly summary files can be validated. This fulfils the requirements of BSCP 520 and the Operational Information Document produces by Elexon. The process checks for invalid charge and regime codes, as well as forbidden combinations. Any items which fail validation can be automatically extracted from the inventory to send back to the customer so they know exactly where the changes need to be made.

Calitor uses SQL Server databases which provides an extremely network friendly method of working.

The required P0218 report can be produced quickly and easily, as well as a report detailing the energised MPANS.

In order to reduce the opportunity of user input error, Calitor can import an MPRS extract containing the details for each MPAN in your system.

Although Calitor combines both half and non-half hourly inventory processing, it can be licensed for each one separately. This means that if you only need the non-half hourly system, that's all you pay for.

Calitor is currently being adapted to enable the sending of summary and control files via the DTN as per the current change proposal being discussed at UMSUG.

Calitor is an altogether smarter way of working. It is also a financially beneficial way of working too - costing less to install and maintain than many other systems.

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