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  Inventory Analysis Service

There are only three real pieces of data which are used to calculate your street lighting energy consumption:

The first one comes from Elexon, and is specified by the charge code your item has been allocated. The hours of operation stems from the item’s regime code can come from one of three sources:

Lastly, you tell your UMSO how many items you have in your area, and what the charge code and regime code is for each one.

Sounds simple enough, but if any one of these three things are incorrect, it could mean an unnecessarily high energy calculation.

All of the above is based on the inventory file you send to your UMSO. It is from this that they produce the summary file, which is then fed into Lailoken to calculate your consumption figures. If you’ve made mistakes in your declaration, it could be costing you thousands of pounds.

In a recent analysis, we were able to quickly identify savings of 5%, and when the annual energy bill is over half a million pounds, this saving equates to someone’s salary for a year.

Our analysis service is free of charge. However, if we identify significant savings we can help you to implement these, and for this we charge a percentage of the savings demonstrated in the first 12 months.

Basically, you can’t lose.