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NMH Records
  NMH Records

We are proud to announce the launch of our updated NMH Records software.

NMH Records provides a central system for managing the student records, session logs and invoicing for the provision of NMH support to students in higher education.

DSA-QAG Template 1 timesheet

The system can be configured by the user with only the support types you provide, and the institutions attended by your students. The individual student records store the details of each session provided, missed sessions, and the date each session was invoice generated.

The DSA-QAG Template 1 timesheets can be printed for individual students or as a batch for all current students. The Template 6 work sheet can be also produced for each student or as a batch, ensuring compliance with the DSA-QAG Framework.

After a long period of working closely with SFE we are pleased to announce that this system now support electronic 'signatures', thus making is completely paperless. The system creates a machine readable Template 1 time sheet which means it does not have to be manually processed and can therefore be expedited through SFE's system.

NMH Records provides a number of reports, including:

NMH Records

NMH Records proactively monitors the number of hours remaining, and will not allow a session to be recorded if insufficient hours are available. The system also provides the facility to export all session details as an Excel spreadsheet which can be sent to SFE-DSA if ever there are any discrepancies that need resolving.

NMH Records maintains a register of interests as required by the DSA-QAG Framework, along with generating the necessary Consent to Share authorisation for each student.

DSA-QAG Template 6 work sheet

NMH Records also manages the generation of invoices, and has been approved by SLC for sending the invoices electronically. This means no more posting, no more lost envelopes and no more waiting for them be received and scanned onto the system. The process for switching to electronic submissions is simple, and as the software has been approved by SLC, the time needed for a new supplier to be approved to use it should be a few weeks at the most. We are happy to provide assistance with this.

NMH Records covers every aspect of record keeping from the moment you receive the initial contact to the end of their journey with you, and has been designed to ensure compliance with the DSA-QAG Framework and the provision of data for the audit process. External documents can be imported into each student’s record so documents like the NAR and DSA2 can be easily retrieved.

The system uses an encrypted online database, which means it can be accessed via computers at different geographic locations. This also means we're now hard at work developing a web portal to make this even more accessible and to help with the processing of electronic signatures; more news on this as it happens.

We are fully aware of the financial situation the small, independent NMH providers find themselves in, so rather than charge an exorbitant fee to buy the system, NMH Records is licensed on a per practitioner/per year basis. We charge a small annual fee, which reduces as the number of practitioner is increased. This annual fee also covers the provision of updates, so you are always up to date with new features. We update the system to reflect changes in the DSA-QAG Framework, audit requirements and requests from users.

License fees

Number of licenses Price (each)
1 to 5 £240 pa
6 to 10 £220 pa
11 + £200 pa

We have a dedicated website for this at nmhrecords.com

NMH Records is already being used by Autism Advice Ltd, Senclude Ltd and L. Robinson Training Consultancy and we welcome enquiries from any NMH provider, small or large.